Their son did nothing but take from them; when they finally said no to him, he took their lives.

Lisa Guy and Joel Guy, Sr. Image supplied by relatives.

Jamal Khashoggi. Image courtesy of Hansmusa /Alamy.

Hers was a tale of tragedy and survival. But it was all a lie.

Alicia Esteve Head, AKA Tania Head. Image courtesy of Europa Press.

The former child prostitute came to believe she was the reincarnation of an ancient Aztec goddess, and commanded her followers to engage in human sacrifice

The only known photo of Magdalena Solis. Photographer unknown.

The staff on the children’s ward was happy to have her help, especially since children had started suffering mysterious attacks.

Decades of hollowing out honest journalism and monetizing extremism laid the groundwork for Jan. 6.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

Even in the slave-holding South, her cruelty was intolerable

Marie Delphine MacCarthy Blanque LaLaurie

The fiery punk singer’s star was on the rise, only to be brutally snuffed out

Mia Zapata. Image courtesy of Jackie Ransier.

Gerald R. Ford. Image courtesy of David Hume Kennerly/Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library

DeLani R. Bartlette

Obsessed with true crime.

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