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2021 was… a year. It was all over the place: billionaires went to space, Q-nuts went to Dallas, and the world’s cargo ships went … nowhere. Texas froze in February, the Left Coast broiled in June, and the Southeast was flattened in December.

But it was also a year of…

Ronald Gene Simmons. Image courtesy of Tom Pitts, Arkansas Gazette.

The holidays are supposed to be a time of peace and family togetherness. But over the Christmas holiday in 1987, Ronald Gene Simmons took the lives of 14 of his family members (and two of his former co-workers), making it the worst family massacre in US history.

Unlike the more…

William Edward Hickman.

Dec. 15, 1927, Mt. Vernon Junior High School, Los Angeles, California: A well-dressed young man arrived at the registrar’s office to pick up Perry Parker’s daughter. Her father, he said, had been seriously injured in an accident and wanted to see his daughter.

The school official asked him which daughter…

Stephen Shaun Griffiths. Image courtesy of The Daily Mail.

Monday morning, May 24, 2010: Peter Gee, the caretaker for Holmfield Court apartments, was going through the CCTV footage from the weekend, as he did every Monday.

The apartments were located in an old converted mill building in the red-light district of Bradford in the UK — not the safest…

Lawrence Paul Anderson. Image courtesy of Chickasha Police Department.

Feb. 9, 2020, Chickasha, Oklahoma: a call comes in to the 911 dispatcher. But before saying anything, the caller hangs up. Deciding to err on the side of caution, the dispatcher sends police to the location where the call came from.

When the officers arrive at the modest frame home…

The “evil grandmother” made her victims into snacks for the neighborhood children

Sofya Zhukova at her trial. Image courtesy of DVHab.

Sofya Zhokova was never well liked by her neighbors. Among the residents of the grey apartment buildings in the small town of Berezovka, she stood out as particularly mean-spirited. The stout elderly woman often carried around an axe and was known to kill neighborhood cats.

Neighbors said she was rude…

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