No one should be surprised at what he did

Methamphetamine, incest, and paranoia drove a family to murder

L-R: Amanda McClure, Larry McClure, Anna Choudhary. Images courtesy of West Virginia Regional Jail.

A sophisticated PR campaign convinced Americans to give away their right to sue those who had harmed them

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Sydney Loofe

Norman Baker, as pictured in one of his newsletters.

A Brief (ish) History of Norman Baker

Peter Scully was called “the world’s worst pedophile”

Peter Scully and Josh Duggar

George Jefferson Hassell. Image courtesy of Amarillo Public Library — Photoarchive Collection.

Like their adopted hometown of Celebration, Florida, the family’s perfect exterior hid some serious problems.

The Todt family: Anthony, Megan, Tyler, Zoe, Zack, and Breezy. Image courtesy of “Looking for the Todt Family” Facebook page.

Marcus Delon Wesson booking photo. Courtesy of Fresno Police Department.

Tim, Waneta, and unknown infant Hoyt

DeLani R. Bartlette

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