Ah, yes, the Christian "charity." Making others feel like slime so they can feel good. Usually their "help" isn't even what the person receiving it needs; it's what the giver thinks they ought to have. It's exactly this ideology (that the poor are that way because they are bad people) that runs our safety net in the US. In a functioning society, you and your baby would have been given the housing and resources you need...instead, you had to rely on unctious "charities" like these folks.

True generosity comes with no strings attached.

As for the thing about adopting...that goes way back. It was the guiding principle behind the Magdalene laundries in Ireland, and similar places wherever the church has power. Women who get pregnant or give birth outside of the specific sexual arrangement scanctioned by them, the church, are horrible sinners, and their children are literally bastards. Choosing to keep your bastard, depriving him or her of the "proper" family (with a father), is selfish of you. That child will be ostracized, bullied...and it's all your fault, you selfish hussy!

Yeah fuck the church and fuck the patriarchy. So glad you got out of that mess. And thank you for writing this - hopefully it will help some other desperate single mom avoid this trap.

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