As someone who has been walking the Goddess path (via Wicca) since the 80s, I am so happy to see more and more people opening their eyes to the very real need we have for the Goddess. Centuries of patriarchal religion has brought us to a very unhealthy place, both without ourselves and in our very environment (“as within, so without…”).

I’m also thankful that the only barrier you have to overcome is the patriarchal conditioning against anything feminine. Back in the day, we were in the throes of the Satanic Panic, so anything now called “woo” was labeled as “Satanic.” I regularly faced bullying, violence, discrimination, and at one point, lost custody of my son, all for following my spiritual path. I’m so happy it’s safer now. I just wish that those of you who are new to Goddess spirituality would seek out those of us who have been living this truth for years. We just want to be heard, hopefully to share our wisdom earned from years of living — and suffering — our Goddess paths.

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