Excellent article! I couldn’t agree more. I think another problem we face is the definition of “hero.” It’s biased towards the kinds of things men do and value — being in the public eye, doing grand things. It’s not a bad definition, but it leaves out the many women who *I* consider to be heroes: the women who risk their lives, literally, to get themselves (and possibly their children) away from a dangerous abuser. The single moms who work ungodly hours, take care of all the cooking and cleaning, and still manage to be good, loving, supportive parents — despite being chronically, unendingly, soul-crushingly exhausted. The caregivers who put their own grief and overwhelm aside, who sacrifice their careers, so they can change diapers and give baths and otherwise make sure their elderly parent is well cared for in their dying days.

In short, the herculean sacrifices that many women make, every day, for completely unselfish reasons, make them heroes too.

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