Excellent review! The only thing I’d differ with you on is the nature of why Wendy broke up with Kay. I don’t think it was so much that Kay’s caving to her ex struck a note of shame within Wendy. I think (and this is just my interpretation) that Wendy observed Kay’s ex bully/guilt her into *not* introducing Wendy to her son. Not only is it Kay being “dishonest” or closeted, but Wendy would rightfully assume that she, and their relationship overall, would always be second-place in Kay’s life. That at least twice a month Wendy would have to disappear from Kay’s life “for the sake of her son.” Neither can be blamed — Kay wants to have a relationship with her son, but Wendy also wants a relationship that is more honest, just as Kay pressed her to.

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I write true crime and twisted fiction. I also host a true-crime YouTube channel at www.thedeadlydigest.com.

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