First, there’s a big difference between a Karen and a Becky. Both are stereotypes of white women, but different types.

A Becky is a generic, basic, and/or clueless white girl (probably came from the beginning of “Baby Got Back,” where the white girls are so disgusted by the black woman’s butt: “Oh, my god, Becky!”). I’m not even sure why this term from the 90s is still around, since barely anyone is named Becky anymore (they’re all named Kayleigh now).

A Karen is a white woman — usually older — who is so full of her own sense of self-importance she gets off on bullying anyone lower than her on the pecking order, like retail clerks, wait staff, folks of color.

So it was really hard to follow the logic here — first, Jews aren’t white, and never have been, because “whiteness” has nothing to do with skin color. Heck, the Irish — literally the whitest people on the planet — weren’t considered white for a long time. And Anne Frank sure as shit wasn’t a Karen. So I’m sorry, but I just don’t get this whole article.

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