I agree that the combo of drugs could have been a factor. It’s just such a shame that at one point, after their fourth was born, she did seem to be getting better. If Rusty would have left well enough alone then, none of this would have happened (I think).

That’s wild that you met Woroniecki. In researching this article, I watched some videos of him, and yeah, he’s freaking insane. Down here in Arkansas, I’ve seen (and sparred with) my share of fire-and-brimstone street preachers too. But I have to say he was in a class all his own. The fact that *anyone* would believe him blows my mind. And I truly believe that his (and his wife’s) constant harping on Andrea Yates, telling her she was going to hell, her children were going to hell, etc., etc., was a big factor in driving her to do what she did.

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