I agree that toxic masculinity robs men of their full personhood. In uber-macho culture, men simply *cannot* be victims — this causes many boys and men to be filled with shame when they are victimized, keeping them from speaking out. And, as you point out, it blinds the (usually male) authorities to the possibility that boys or men might be victims, which, then renders them “disposable.”

I try to work against all that, by showing that there is no shame for *any* victims, whether male, female, or other. That men can be victimized, and deserve empathy and mental health services without shame. One of the reasons I love Joe Kenda so much is that he is not only very outspoken that ALL victims deserve justice, but that he is open about his struggles with PTSD.

The traditional, patriarchal way of raising boys cuts them off from their own emotions, and from growing into full people. I consider it a form of emotional child abuse.

I look forward to the day when boys and girls are treated with kindness and respect.

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