I also wrote a piece on this, from a slightly different perspective: https://medium.com/@delanirbartlette/why-no-is-the-most-powerful-word-6a5db6027a97

Basically, we live in a society that has been, for a few generations now, organized around the assumption that one spouse (the male one) worked, and the other (female) one stayed home and took care of everything else. It hasn’t really been this way for a couple generations now, but our culture and our laws have not kept up. Little boys are rarely taught how to run a household *and* be a good worker. You never see men’s magazines publishing stories about how to manage working with having a family (although, in all fairness, The Good Men Project is tackling just these kinds of issues).

This is why I highly recommend living together before marriage. And don’t even *start* enabling this kind of behavior. Have clear discussions about household duties, and hold to your agreements. If he (or she) doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain, don’t do it for them. Let the “car break down.” (although I know it’s different when it has to do with childcare — and that would be a dealbreaker). It’s time we women stopped settling for men who would treat us like household slaves.

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