I know I might be headed for the guillotine for saying this, but I feel like it has to be said.

First, let me state that I think there are many BreadTube critics who are 100% sincere in their criticism, and even in their anger.

But…I don’t think that’s the entirety of it. Seeing some of the absolutely RABID hatred flung at these creators (especially Wynn), from people who are ostensibly on the same “side,” just rings a little too false to me. Yes, we on the left have a long history of eating our own. But we also have a long history of being eaten by those who would pose as one of us, in order to tear down our leaders, sow discord, and bring down the movement from within. See: COINTELPRO. See: ratfucking. See: the hacking of the 2016 election.

Why would actual leftists want popular, well respected leftist media personalities — who are working quite successfully to get leftist ideas into the mainstream — to be shunned and taken down? I can’t see a logical response to that.

But who would like very much to see popular, well-respected leftist media personalities shunned and taken down? Fascists. And fascists, as Wynn and Innuendo Studios and others have repeatedly pointed out, often use online lying and disinformation to bring down their enemies.

I’m just saying, sometimes it pays to be a little paranoid.

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I write true crime and twisted fiction. I also host a true-crime YouTube channel at www.thedeadlydigest.com.

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