I know it feels good to give in to "bothsides-ism," as it simultaneously lets you off the hook for making any hard moral decisions and makes you look and feel very fair and balanced. But the tone-deafness is stunning. "What is everyone mad at? Trivial stuff." OK, white guy. Record levels of income inequality, people living in third-world level poverty, mass incarceration, and an epidemic of deadly police violence against people of color. Yes, I suppose for a comfortable white guy who never has to deal with these issues, it can seem trivial.

Meanwhile, right-wingers are *actually, right now, in reality* shooting up (and attempting to bomb) places where liberals, immigrants, Muslims, Jews, and people of color congregate. Right wingers share memes encouraging and celebrating killing protesters with cars - and go on to commit those crimes in real life. Hate crimes - almost exclusively committed by right-wingers - have been rising alarmingly since 2016.

But yes, you and these filmmakers pat yourselves on the back about how "fair" you are.

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