I think that when/if you research this case, you’ll find I’ve substantially DE-sensationalized it. The media at the time were so fixated on the drugs/heavy metal/Satanism angle they ignored what I think was the real issue: Ricky Kasso had serious mental health issues, and was possibly a victim of abuse (or some other form of trauma). Not to mention the fact that dozens of teens saw his victim’s body decomposing in the woods, and not one of them called the authorities. There was some serious dysfunction hidden behind those white picket fences, if you ask me.

BTW I too was part of the drug scene, such as it was in my area, at the exact same time as Ricky Kasso. I knew people who took a LOT of acid — as much as, if not more than, Ricky. They definitely fried their brains, but they could still walk and talk. That’s why it didn’t send up red flags for me. Plus his friends reported that Ricky had a specific schedule for taking his drugs, implying he knew the window for effectiveness and dosed himself accordingly.

My point is, you can disagree and say you don’t think these kids were being honest about the amount of drugs he was taking without calling *me* a liar and calling for me to be “pulled” from Medium (they don’t do that, anyway). I do anywhere from 4 to 8 hours of research on each case, using primary sources whenever possible. If there’s a discrepancy or error, it’s usually because that’s how it was reported at the time. I conduct research professionally — at a rate of $25 to $30/hour — so I know how to find information and vet sources, thank you very much.

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