I was a poor, single mom in Arkansas - not Applachia, but close. I was also the daughter of a single mom.

I so feel this article. It always infuriated me the way single moms are constantly denigrated by society, while they are doing more work than is humanly possible, with next to zero support. Like it's our fault the kid's father refused to help. Like it's our fault we can't afford child care. And on and on.

It took me 17 years to get my Bachelor's degree - having to go for a semester or two, then drop out and go back to work, over and over again. But I eventually did it. I also got a Master's, but my son was grown by then. Only now - after spending 19 years on an education that should have only taken six, after I no longer have to worry about child care, I finally got a decent job. We put so many barriers between people and the few good jobs available it should be a crime. But then, I think *every* job should pay a living wage and that *every* parent should have free or very affordable child care when they need it. Those two things alone would drastically change the lives of single-parent families.

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