I’d like to offer a little perspective, if it helps. I too had to pay the bills; I have no parents who can help me or a partner to support me. I tried freelancing while teaching at a community college. While I loved teaching (and occasionally enjoyed freelancing), it wasn’t enough to support myself with. I was, though, able to finish a novel and get it published by a small press. I eventually got the job I have now — a full-time job writing about research at a state university (my alma mater). It’s not my dream job, but it does pay the bills and I have the actual job title, “writer.” However, I still write for myself when I can, and have recently started writing for Medium.

My point is, being a creative, especially in today’s economy, means having to have a “portfolio” career, i.e., you have to have multiple revenue streams. They might be teaching, freelancing, and self-published book sales. Or full-time job with occasional freelance work. Whatever. You have to be flexible and realize you’ll probably never make a living just from your blog (or books or whatever) alone.

Best of luck to you!

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