I'm not trying to say you're wrong - we absolutely SHOULD be out in the streets over this clusterf-k! But I think people in other countries, especially developed, democratic, civilzed countries, don't realize is just how brutal life in America is for the working class. How will you take time off work to march in the streets, when you can't even get time off to take care of your sick kid? You'd be fired, and then you'd be out on the street when you couldn't pay your rent. Witness how many people are in food lines and begging for help paying bills now. It's hard to summon the courage and energy to march when you're worried about where your next meal is coming from.

Then you have to take into account just how brutal the police are in most places. Unless you're a heavily armed right-winger, protestors face the very real possibility of being attacked, gassed, and/or arrested. And once you're arrested, you stand a very real chance of never getting out from under our prison/parole system, so say goodbye to ever having a decent life again.

It's been a "failed state" for a generation. Only now has anyone beyond the working class noticed.

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I write true crime and twisted fiction. I also host a true-crime YouTube channel at www.thedeadlydigest.com.

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