Just to be clear, the BLM’s call to defund the police isn’t to defund their actual law enforcement duties. What we’re asking for is for police departments to not be asked to do the jobs of mental health workers, social workers, parking enforcement, etc. If you look at nearly any city’s budget, the police take up the lion’s share of the money. Reducing police departments back down to doing what they are meant to do — stop crimes or investigate them — would require a lot fewer resources, which could then be put into the community’s needs, which would in fact reduce crime overall. The Cut has a good explanation here: https://www.thecut.com/2020/06/what-does-defund-the-police-mean-the-phrase-explained.html

And hopefully, meaningful police reform would get rid of the kinds of cops who refuse to investigate crimes against marginalized people like sex workers, along with, obviously, racist and sexist cops who abuse their power.

I know I’m not the only person who values honest, competent law enforcement, but who can also see that many police departments have shielded truly terrible officers (including those in leadership) for far too long.

I write true crime and twisted fiction. I also host a true-crime YouTube channel at www.thedeadlydigest.com.

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