Look, I agree with you that Pelosi is not the best we can do. I agree that she didn't go hard enough at Chump and the Vichy Republicans. But some of your points are just not valid.

For one, she doesn't run the government. She leads the majority party in one house of Congress. A job he didn't even have until after the blue wave in 2018.

Second, no one in Congress can access the 25th Amendment removal option - that can only be done by top administration officials, including the VP. Not gonna happen.

Third, while I agree ALL Democrats should have been pushing for impeachment on day one - his violations of the Emoluments Clause were cause enough - they would have had zero chance of success in a Congress dominated by Republicans, who were already well drunk on the Trump Kool-Aid.

And as for the illegal salon visit...you are right, it was a bad move, selfish and stupid. But let's not allow ourselves to be led by the nose by right-wing hit jobs. The stylist who said it would be OK was a right-winger who did in fact set her up so that she, the stylist, could send video to right-wing propaganda outlets. These are the same people who staged armed protests demanding salons be allowed to open! The same people who praised a barber for opening his salon illegally. Yes, it's hypocritical - I'm not excusing her at all - but it's even MORE hypocritical coming from them. Let's not give this "scandal" any more oxygen.

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