Oh, yes, I remember BBS’s. Back in the day when logging on was like making a long-distance phone call…you got charged by the minute!

That’s interesting about Robin. I really wish I knew more about her and Garth. They seem like they were just in her shadow, and not much else is known about them.

I don’t know why Madalyn was the way she was either. I can only guess that she’d been treated badly by religious people for so long, she just had a grudge against everyone. But that’s just speculation. I mean, there are lots of really nasty media personalities pushing their agendas, who haven’t experienced any kind of bigotry or oppression. Though I suspect (again, speculation) that even if Madalyn had been the sweetest woman alive, her rejection of religion would still have made her the target of hatred. So maybe she figured the best defense is a good offense? It’s still a shame all around.

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