OK, I agree that racism is indeed fundamental, bedrock even, to the US as a country. And it's true that antisemitism wasn't unique to Germany - but it was a part of Germany. Hitler didn't invent it; he tapped into what was already a strong tradition within his adopted country. So while the kinds and methods of racism are different, they are still pretty deep-seated.

The big difference is the Nazis went WAY too far with it, to the point where the Allies had to come in and defeat the German state. Faced with the atrocities they had supported, the German people moved forward, and as far away from the Nazis as possible. No statues to Hitler or any other Nazis were erected in the name of "history," and no history textbooks were written to whitewash or obfuscaste what the Nazis really were, unlike the US South - where, despite losing the shooting war, the Confederates seem to have won the culture war. All these years later, Americans still fly that flag and defend statues of slave-holding traitors. It's long past time we learned a lesson from Germany and took that shit down, in the name of *actual* history, and not the whitewashed version too many Southerners have been taught.

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