OK, we’re (mostly) in agreement. I do practice Zen meditation, and I agree to let emotions (and negative thoughts) fly away. But I would quibble with your statement that we “don’t need to feel/taste our emotions.” I think that is the exact way that emotions are suppressed — by trying so hard *not* to have these emotions, you spend a great deal of energy trying to “let go” before you’ve actually accepted them! I know this because this was exactly how I was raised — to not have or express “bad” or uncomfortable emotions. This is actually quite common, at least here in America. In general, men don’t allow themselves to feel sadness or fear, or even love, because it makes them feel vulnerable. Women don’t allow themselves to feel sadness (because our culture demands that we be relentlessly positive) or anger (as the article states).

I had to learn, through therapy and meditation, that you can’t “let go” of something if you haven’t actually accepted it. The only way out is through, so to speak. I found that once I relinquished my sense of control and allowed myself to fully feel all my emotions — fear, anger, sadness included — that they do indeed fly away much quicker and easier. I can be in a much more calm state day to day. But most people don’t do that.

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