PREACH, BROTHER!!! It’s sadly clear the author is creating an image of our generation from movies and pop culture. Which has NEVER been accurate in any age.

We had massive recessions brought on by out-of-control banksters and the wholesale shipment of our manufacturing sector to foreign countries. Reagan busted the unions, the people who had fought so hard for the prosperity our parents' generation enjoyed.

We had massive environmental catastrophes like 3 Mile Island and the Cuyahoga river catching fire, just to name a couple.

The 80s saw the most serial killers of any decade.

Meanwhile we were trying to keep it together through our parents' divorces and being left alone while mom worked. And Congress declared ketchup a vegetable so they could slash school lunches.

Oh and those cool retro band shirts so popular now? AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath? Back when they were real, you could get suspended for wearing them. The satanic panic was a thing.

Look I am sympathetic to the Millennials’ problems, I really am. We saw the Reagan administration set the stage for the hellscape that is late-stage capitalism now. But do not step up to us with any attitude. We earned our cynicism honestly.

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