She actually did report that he abused her. And as for cleaning — if you’ve ever lived with a hoarder (or just a control freak like Jones) forget trying to clean up. They throw fits and can become violent if you “mess with” their stuff.

Maybe she was a slob, I don’t know, but it wouldn’t have mattered. In an abusive situation like that, she had to do things — everything — his way. She wasn’t wrong to feel like she had no way to get out; she didn’t have a job or any money, or even a drivers license. She had been completely under his control, and probably accepted that, as she was taught that “the man was the head of the household.”

So even if she did reach out to the cops, and they believed her, and they arrested Timothy…then what? How could she have provided for her children? And what would happen once he made bail, or got out of jail? She would be dead, that’s what.

Thanks for the tip about “nee.” I didn’t know that.

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