Thank you…yes, there is a lot more to this story! So much I think it could be a multi-part series, a la Tiger King.

For some background, the Clintons have been deeply despised by the far right from the time Bill was elected governor. Part of it is because he was well liked by the Black community (the very people right-wingers have worked hard to disenfranchise) and part of it was because Hillary was an unabashed feminist. The fact that she didn’t take Bill’s last name was treated like evidence that she was Satan herself. You should have heard the stuff they said about her. Jay Cole certainly wasn’t the only one who had it in for Clinton — he was just the nuttiest. And he had Huckabee’s ear.

It’s an interesting case (to me anyway) because it shows the roots of what we’re dealing with on a larger scale now: how people with a certain political ideology will believe even the craziest shit if it backs up their beliefs, reality be damned. Back then, they freed a man who killed two women. Today, they freed a virus that has now killed over 200,000 men and women.

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