Thanks for another excellent article! These kinds of stories have been going around for decades - before this, it was women in mall parking lots getting abducted by strangers offering samples of perfume or whatever. They've always been a fervent consumer and writer of true crime, it's got BS written all over it.

1. Even if a couple is out looking for victims, with the guy in the van and the woman out luring in victims, this scenario would not work. Trying to lure three people - a kid, a mom, and a screaming baby - into a van? Please. Predators go after people who are isolated, not in a loud group everyone can see.

2. Who is supposed to be the intended victim? The mom? I mean, moms with kids have been abducted and killed before - but not *outside* their vehicle, in public, by someone who doesn't know them. Or are the kids supposed to be the victims? Sorry, but no sex trafficker is going to try to kidnap kids AND their mom. That's just ridiculous.

3. These kinds of stories almost always come with some kind of instruction or warning, which can really come across as victim blaming.

So here's mine: take every story you read on social media (if it's not fact-checked by legitimate journalists) with a grain of salt.

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