Thanks for such a great deep dive into this, Shannon! I watched it the day it came out and, overall, I thought it was a great documentary. But you're right, they did gloss over some things. Probably because in order to get the family's approval, I would imagine. I did know about Kessenger's deeper involvement with Chris than she admitted... but I did NOT know that he admitted to trying to kill the girls before killing Sha'nann!

I too got a big cringe over how he kept calling her "the woman" to explain various things. Tells me he's got a lot of gender assumptions/beliefs/expectations. And how the girls were both named after Disney princesses, and their rooms and clothes and everything were "princess." I'm sorry but I just don't think that's healthy. And it points to, like you said, him believing that as "the man," he deserves to get what he wants, and as "the woman," Sha'nann has to make things work.

Ugh, he's just such a piece of crap in so many ways. Thanks again for this great analysis!

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