The Top 12 Crimes and Murders of 2020

Visual representation of the year 2020

January: Mark Latunski Charged With Murdering, Cannibalizing Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon

February: Lori Vallow Arrested

Lori Vallow. Image courtesy of Madison County Jail.

March: Four US Senators Quietly Sold Stock After Coronavirus Briefings

Although the coronavirus had been spreading around the world since December 2019, most Americans were either unaware of it or dismissive of its severity. That is, until mid-March, when people across the nation started testing positive for COVID-19, and governors began declaring states of emergency.

April: 17 Bodies Found in a NJ Nursing Home

As the coronavirus spread across the country, and the number of infected began to skyrocket, one grim fact emerged: the virus hit nursing homes and assisted-care facilities particularly hard. In fact, the first outbreak in the U.S. was in a nursing home near Seattle, which eventually took 45 lives.

May: The Murder of George Floyd

Street art in Mauer Park, Berlin, Germany

June: Tylee and JJ’s Remains Found on Chad Daybell’s Property

Joshua “JJ” Vallow and Tylee Ryan

July: Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

August: Steve Bannon Arrested for Fraud

Steve Bannon, Pres. Trump’s former chief strategist, was arrested by Postal Inspection Service agents Aug. 20. The arrest itself was unusual, in that with non-violent crimes, suspects are usually given the opportunity to turn themselves in rather than being arrested “unawares.” Bannon, however, was arrested while aboard a Chinese billionaire’s luxury yacht off the Connecticut shore.

September: The Trial of Joel Guy, Jr.

Joel Guy, Jr. Image courtesy of Knox County Jail.

October: FBI Foils a Domestic Terrorist Plot

Mugshots of the 13 men who were arrested on federal and state charges in an alleged plot to kidnap Mich. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Top, left to right: Adam D. Fox, Brandon M. Caserta, Daniel J. Harris, Ty G. Garbin, Kaleb J. Franks and Barry Croft. Bottom, left to right: William G. Null Jr., Michael J. Null, Eric J. Molitor, Shawn M. Fix, Pete Musico, Joseph M. Morrison and Paul Bellar. Not pictured: Brian Higgins. (Handout photos)

November: Over 92,000 Victims File Sexual Abuse Claims Against the Boy Scouts

In February, the Boy Scouts of America, the largest and oldest youth organization in the US, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, mostly due to having to pay out for hundreds of sex-abuse claims in several states. Thanks to the #MeToo movement, these states had recently relaxed the conditions for sexual abuse victims to be able to sue for damages after the statue of limitations had run out. In California, specifically, the new law relaxes age restrictions on filing claims, giving victims until age 40 or five years after they become aware of any injury caused by the abuse.

December: Nathan Larson Arrested for Kidnapping a 12-Year-Old Girl

Nathan Daniel Larson, 2017 campaign photo

2020 Bonus/Dishonorable Mention: The Christmas Day Suicide Bomber

The RV captured on surveillance footage

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