"they view us as adversaries in warfare"

And that's the problem right there. Before the 90s, there was an understanding that we might disagree politically, but we were all, in the end, Americans. Thanks to decades of right-wing propaganda painting Democrats as Communists, baby-killers, veteran-hating, lying, corrupt...now add Satanic, pedophiles, cannibals... they see us as illegitimate at best, enemies of the state at worst. They have fomented stochastic violence which has skyrocketed over the past four years (https://delanirbartlette.medium.com/right-wing-terrorists-have-been-a-threat-for-decades-a7f5add33464). This kind of delusional hatred has got to stop. We are going to have to deal with this cult (yes, it is a cult: https://delanirbartlette.medium.com/the-tulsa-rally-is-trumps-jonestown-cbc9be1344a5) and figure out how to deprogram them, or we will find ourselves in another civil war.

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