This really is excellent advice. Besides the Green New Deal, I'd like to see more crime labs opened up across Flyover Country - not only so we can get justice faster, but we'd create good, high-skills jobs for people.

I'd add that we need to do a couple things besides just economically re-develop struggling states. We need to look at the role information (and lack of it) has played in radicalizing so many people.

First, we need to reform our education system to model it after the Finns and other countries that have a better educated population. The stunning lack of education (i.e., basic civics, history, and critical thinking) is a big factor in people believing lies, propaganda, and outright disinformation.

Also, we've got to do better with our media. For one, there has got to be consequences for media outlets (networks, social media platforms, etc.) who pass along lies. We fine networks for accidentally showing a boob; we need to have stricter punishments for poisoning the social discourse. We've also got to rebuild our legitimate local media, which got hollowed out starting in the 90s. For a lot of people, Fox and Sinclair networks are the *only* news outlets they have access to. We need a public news outlet in *every* statehouse, minimum. Lack of real, unbiased information about what's going on is another big factor in how so many people got so radicalized.

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