To My Wonderful Readers

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It’s been a little over two years since I started writing on Medium. It’s been a great time — I’ve enjoyed researching and writing about every single case, and I’ve been amazed and grateful for all the people who have followed me, clapped for my stories, written thoughtful comments, and otherwise encouraged me.

But as some of you might know, Medium recently changed their payment system yet again. I don’t know what they changed, or how it works now, since those calculations are kept strictly secret. All I know is that despite an increasing number of followers and reads, my income has dropped far below sustainable levels.

I say this not to “get back at” Medium — I understand this is their private platform, and they have the right to pay writers as much or as little as they please. It’s still (so far) a great place to find a diverse array of good writers on a wide variety of topics.

But it’s not sustainable for me anymore. Each of my stories involves between four and six hours of research, and between three and five hours of writing and editing. That’s on average — some stories take a lot more time.

So I have to, regretfully, cut way back on the time and energy I devote to this platform.

But worry not! I will still be telling true crime stories on my YouTube channel, The Murder Nerd. Some of my videos will be on cases I’ve already written about here, but some will be on new cases, recent developments in old cases, and my trademark snarky social commentary.

So, if you’ve enjoyed my writing here, I hope you’ll pop on over to my channel and check it out.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! And I hope you have a wonderful 2022.

With love and gratitude,





AKA The Murder Nerd. Obsessed with true crime. Check out my YouTube channel:

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DeLani R. Bartlette

DeLani R. Bartlette

AKA The Murder Nerd. Obsessed with true crime. Check out my YouTube channel:

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