Wow. The wrongness of your statement is really stunning. Smartphones, clean water, electricity (for most of flyover country, anyway), police, and firefighters are *socialist.* Smartphones were built on tech that was developed by the DOD - in other words, taxpayer money. In many cities, the clean water piped into your home is entirely done by the city government - like police and firefighters. And most people wouldn't have electricity if the government hadn't created the Tennessee Valley Authority to force electric companies to bring their services to rural, unprofitable areas.

Every advancement we enjoy as a modern society is because we collectively paid for it and built it - i.e., socialism.

Capitalism, in fact, is the reason why many people in this rich country can't access the internet, own a smartphone, or even have a roof over their head or pay the water or electric bill. Capitalism is a philosophy of greed and self-interest, which has never created anything for the public good, only destroyed it or put it behind a paywall.

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