Yes! Thank you for this. I’m a Pagan (Wiccan) and it’s just as uncomfortable/offensive to me to be expected to pray to a god I don’t believe in. Mostly, when it’s just people over a dinner table, I go along to get along, basically just remaining respectfully quiet while they do their thing. But here in the South, we have to deal with that crap at school functions and even city council meetings! I definitely don’t go along with that. Lately there have been Wiccans and even Satanists demanding to say their prayers at city council meetings too (out of fairness!) and you would not believe how rudely Christians treat them. They just cannot see any other faith (or lack of) as equal, to treat us with the same respect we’re expected to treat them. (For the record, I’d never ask others to participate in my “prayers” without asking first).

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