1. Yes, they do offer majors in various “studies” courses. Just like they offer majors in history or engineering. This does not refute my point.
  2. OK, so I’ll take your word that some studies courses are required. That’s part of what a liberal-arts education means. Why, as a humanities major, did I need to take science classes? Same reason. You’re supposed to have a full, well-rounded education, and learning about people who maybe aren’t like you is a big part of that.
  3. Yes, I am well aware that the only valid majors are those in which we are most productive for our corporate overlords. Pro tip: those same overlords will not hesitate for a second to eliminate your entire field if they can make one dollar more in profit to move it to the cloud or have a machine do it. You, too, can enjoy being an over-qualified barista — you’re only one ground-breaking app or economic collapse away from it.
  4. Based on your answers and your binary thinking, I highly doubt you can “teach” anyone about how to communicate effectively across cultural or class barriers. It’s called a “soft skill” for a reason. You can’t just memorize formulae. But then, if you had some education in the humanities, you might know this.

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