You’re falling into the same “why don’t these poors realize what a saint I am???” trip. Maybe people don’t want to take nearly-expired food because they can’t store it properly without a fridge and are afraid it will spoil before they can eat it. Maybe they try to take more than their “fair share” because they are really hungry, and maybe that one extra can of Vienna Sausages might make the difference between having *something* to eat every day, or going hungry the last few days of the month. And maybe those nice cars were purchased before they got sick/fired/divorced. Or maybe it was a gift from a relative who knew they needed a reliable car. You have no idea what each person’s life is, yet you get your panties all in a bunch because they aren’t acting properly “grateful” for your charity. Try acting with actual *empathy,* and see if that might actually open your own eyes.

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I write true crime and twisted fiction. I also host a true-crime YouTube channel at

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