You’re only proving my point. Women earn more degrees than men, yet there are fewer of them in positions of power (directors, CEOs, etc.). Women are the majority of the electorate, yet only account for a minuscule % of elected officials. In America we have yet to elect a female president.

As to your random fact that men commit suicide more, well, that is sad and I’m sorry for that. But it is also a fact that due to the culture of masculinity, most men are wildly out of touch with their feelings, don’t (or can’t) cultivate close relationships, and are terrified of admitting vulnerability and going to see a therapist. Pretty much a recipe for being unable to cope. This is awful and we need to change this. But finger-pointing at women won’t help — only by ditching the toxic masculine culture and not shaming men for being human can we change this.

You all have had CENTURIES keeping us down, and now that we’ve broken through some barriers so you actually have to compete with us, yes, your gender is falling behind. Maybe buck up, learn from us what we’re doing so well, and try it for yourselves instead of whining that you’re “getting beaten by a girl.”

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